“I came looking for a CISCO career with little technical knowledge and walked away with the confidence that I never had.”
“Our staff found the interface to be extremely user friendly and easy to use. The Flash animation kept download times to a minimum, while training the students in an informative and entertaining way.”

What is e-learning?

E-learning is not just e-training. E-learning is the overarching umbrella that encompasses education, information, communication, training, knowledge management, and performance management. It is the web-enabled system that makes information and knowledge accessible to those who need it, when they need it-anytime, anywhere.

How does e-learning benefit a business?

E-learning addresses business issues. It provides a superior learning and communication model that reduces costs, increases access to learning, and provides clear accountability for all participants. More importantly, e-learning equips employees with the knowledge and information needed to help increase customer satisfaction, expand revenue and sales, and accelerate technology adoption. In short, e-learning enables companies to prepare their workforces to turn change into an advantage in the competitive world marketplace.

What opportunities does e-learning provide?

E-learning is the great equalizer of next century. By eliminating barriers of time, distance, and socio-economic status, individuals can now take charge of their own lifelong learning. In the information age, learning opportunities truly span a lifetime-from childhood through adulthood. Skills and knowledge need to be continually updated and refreshed to keep up with today's fast-paced culture. New content technologies and trends in e-learning will help countries and organizations adapt to the demands of the Internet economy by educating their citizens and training their workers.

Is e-learning as effective as classroom training?

Statistics on classroom training are sketchy. We do know that e-learning students are better informed, waste less time finding information, and spend more time with customers and family instead of travelling to training classes.

How does e-learning make training and development more strategic?

The technology makes knowledge available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Learners can train when they need to or want to, not when it happens to be scheduled, which is often unrelated to student or project needs.

What are the opportunity costs of not embracing e-learning?

The primary risk of failing to embrace e-learning is that your company will be unable to keep its employees' skills current enough to compete in a rapidly changing marketplace. A second risk, particularly in a slower economy, is that essential training may be postponed due to the huge expense of instructor-led training.

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