CIT Certification
“I came looking for a CISCO career with little technical knowledge and walked away with the confidence that I never had.”
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CIT Certification

The Cisco Related Series by e-Careers CIT 642-831 is designed to help learners prepare for Cisco's Internet Troubleshooting Support Exam (CIT 642-831). This series provides a general overview of establishing a baseline, determining an effective troubleshooting strategy, resolving problems at the physical and data link layers, resolving problems at the network layer, and resolving problems at the transport and application layers.
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  • Cisco Series : CIT
  • Cisco CIT 642-831: Networking Principles and Technologies
  • Cisco CIT 642-831: TCP/IP
  • Cisco CIT 642-831: Windows Troubleshooting
  • CiscoCIT 642-831: The Physical and Data Link Layers
  • Cisco CIT 642-831: Virtual LANs
  • CiscoCIT 642-831: Serial Links
  • Cisco CIT 642-831: Routing Protocols
  • Cisco CIT 642-831: ISDN
  • Cisco CIT 642-831: Practice Exams


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