CCNP Certification
“I came looking for a CISCO career with little technical knowledge and walked away with the confidence that I never had.”
“Our staff found the interface to be extremely user friendly and easy to use. The Flash animation kept download times to a minimum, while training the students in an informative and entertaining way.”

CCNP Certification

This series is designed to help learners prepare and take the Cisco Certified Network Professional exam 642-801: Building Scalable Cisco Internetworks. The series explains how to install, configure, and monitor LANs and WANs with from 100 to 500 nodes. Learners are taught the principles of routing, how to extend IP addresses, and how to implement OSPF in a single area and interconnect OSPF areas. The series also covers how to apply integrated IS-IS, how to employ enhanced IGRP, how to configure BGP protocol and scale BGP networks, and how to optimize routing updates and implement successful route redistribution.
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  • Cisco Series : CCNP
  • Cisco CCNP BSCI 642-801: Routing Principles
  • Cisco CCNP BSCI 642-801: Extending IP Addresses
  • Cisco CCNP BSCI 642-801: Implementing OSPF in a Single Area
  • Cisco CCNP BSCI 642-801: Interconnecting OSPF Areas
  • Cisco CCNP BSCI 642-801: Applying Integrated IS-IS
  • Cisco CCNP BSCI 642-801: Employing Enhanced IGRP
  • Cisco CCNP BSCI 642-801: Configuring Border Gateway Protocol
  • Cisco CCNP BSCI 642-801: Scaling BGP Networks
  • Cisco CCNP BSCI 642-801: Routing Update Optimization and Redistribution
  • Cisco CCNP BSCI 642-801: Practice Exam


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